Product Warranty Insurance

What is Product Warranty Insurance?

Product Warranty Insurance may be used to help companies seeking options to offer a longer product limited warranty versus their normal warranty. Product Warranty Insurance may offer a solution to increase the warranty while transferring the risk to an insurance company.

These programs work well with innovative technology items where the product OEM and sellers want to focus on the features and design of their product, highly competitive industries where a longer warranty offers a competitive differentiator or where a consumer pays a re-occurring membership fee and the OEM or seller wishes to offer a warranty as long as the consumer subscribes.

Perfect Solution for:
  • Appliances, Electronics, Computers
  • Mobile Technology (Phones, Tablets)
  • LED Lighting, HVAC and Selected Commercial Products
  • Digital Solutions (Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Devices, Connected Devices)
  • Automotive, RV, ATV, Marine
Balance Sheet Relief with a One-Time Pre-Defined Cost
For a one-time payment, a Limited Warranty extension can provide coverage for up to 10 years after the OEM or seller keeps a short defined retention period. This solution allows a client to offer a differentiated Limited Warranty and potentially not require a claims reserve on their balance sheet beyond the retention.

Solutions are available for monthly warranties associated with Membership & Subscriber oriented programs allowing an OEM or seller to offer a Limited Warranty for extended periods or as long as a consumer is a Member/Subscriber.

Monthly to 10 Years of Coverage Available
Depending on the product type, coverage exists for parts, labor, or parts & labor. The term includes a limited OEM or seller warranty retention, and then the liability falls to the carrier or service contract provider.

Fully Backed Solutions
The obligations of the Warranty or Service Contract may be insured by a contractual liability insurance policy or other structure.

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Brief presentation outlining how to use, design, and structure a program utilizing Product Warranty Insurance.

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